Hi! what kind of like alternate picking order is in the intro of al di meolas mediterranean sundance? it starts like this:


is this played: downstroke-upstroke-downstroke or something else? i have found down-up-down to be the best way for me to play it. how is it played originally and if you dont know, is there a better way to do it? ( you see, i cant play it fluently and fast enough ).

Personally I would do D-D-U or even D-D-D. Alternatively, you could finger-pick? Not familiar with the song so just throwing out suggestions.
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Personally I would do D-D-U

Knowing what I do about Al, this is almost certainly the way he plays it. He's known for his alternate picking in lead lines but he's said a few times that for parts like this, strict alternate picking makes no sense.

Hybrid and finger picking also make a lot of sense for a part like this but for authentic Di Meola playing, I reckon D-D-U is the way to go.
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