So, it´s NGD!! Let´s see what we´ve got. First an Ibanez RG350MZ.


Basswood Body
Edge Zero II tremolo with ZPS3Fe
Black hardware
Wizard III neck
Maple fingerboard with black dot inlays (24 jumbo frets)
INF3 (neck)
INFS3 (middle)
INF4 (bridge)
1 tone/1 knob/5 way switch
Yellow painting

This guitar was first bought by a friend of mine two years, and he never really used it. However, I see small signs of mold and rust in some screws due to humidity, but nothing serious. Everything else is as good as new. I haven`t had the chance to test it completely, but so far it sounds amazing, with a very clear, and defined sound, compared to my other guitar (Yamaha RGX121Z).

Coming up next we have a Boss DD-3 delay pedal, also second hand but used only a dozen times, and looks as good, like the other pedal, a Boss DS-1 distortion pedal, which I haven´t tried due to lack of time. So, Christmas came a bit late, and it cost me just 250 euros. Good, isn´t it? Anyways, there you have the only picture I took, maybe I wiil upload some more!!

sounds nice!

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