So convince me to start transcribing. heard it has a hard learning curve but im willing to work on it if it will make me a better player. Would adding this to my practice be worth the time or should i stick with tabs and youtube videos?
Transcribing develops your ear or as I'd like to call it "musical intuition". If you want to be able to improvise it's a good thing to get into. It also won't limit you to playing licks from muscle memory as you'll be able to play the sounds you hear out your head. It has a lot of benefits, and I can't list them all but it's definitely a good thing to get into.
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^ Everything he said. Also, knowing your intervals can help a lot, and transcribing can help you learn what the intervals sound like, the two go hand and hand so as you get better at transcribing you get better with intervals and vice-versa.

Start with really simple songs first and as you get better slowly try harder stuff. Try to think of a few simple songs, like a children's song, that you don't already know how to play, yet you know what it should sound like. Stuff like happy birthday, jingle bells, twinkle twinkle, mary had a little lamb, etc. After a few of these move on to some real music that's still not too difficult like black sabbath, acdc, some of led zeppelin's easier songs, etc. I don't know what you're into, but basically anything that you can listen to and hear what the guitar part should sound like in your head. Single notes and power chords will be easiest at first, then songs that use basic open chords and normal barre chords. Finally, the weirder chords are usually the hardest.

Just go slow and take it one small section at a time. Don't be afraid to rewind a tiny little section over and over if you have to. Once you've figured out a song or feel like you've hit a wall that you just can't get past go look up a tab and compare it to what you figured out. Of course, not all tabs are 100% correct and sometimes you'll be playing the same exact notes but on a different place on the neck, so you'll have to be the judge of what's right and/or what's the best way to play it.
In the beginning it's just trial and error. But if you do it a lot, you'll get better at it.

Music is all about sound. You want a good ear. Being able to use your ears is the most important skill as a musician.

It will improve your songwriting and improvisation. And you will also be able to play anything you hear. If you hear a song and remember how it goes, you can play it.

When I started playing the guitar, I noticed that most of the tabs on this site are pretty inaccurate so I started making my own tabs. And when I tabbed songs, I also learned to play them at the same time because I had to repeat the same section many times.
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