I have a 5150 block letter 2x12 and I want some extra push into the amp to give the gain sound some character. I'm thinking an EP boost or a micro amp. Anyone else have some recommendations?
5150s and overdrive pedals go together like guns & ammo.
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I'm not a fan of the ibanez tube screamer sound. Ever tried something like a plimsoul on one?
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Quote by Forevxr
I'm not a fan of the ibanez tube screamer sound.

Have you used one as a boost? Us metal guys typically run them between the guitar and amp's input, with the pedal's gain on zero and the level maxed. That makes a 5150/6505 more focused and gives it more bite and punch. It doesn't really affect the voicing of the amp all that much. If you've tried that and didn't like it, fair enough. But just know that most OD pedals behave similarly when used as a boost. I have both a TS-9 and an MXR M77 OD. They are different, but not hugely. The MXR is based off the Boss Sd-1 which has asymmetrical clipping. It sounds a little more aggressive with a little more grind. But the TS is a bit smoother and sounds more "liquid" on leads. It's personal preference, really.

As a standalone overdrive pedal through the clean channel, I agree -- tubescreamers don't sound that great. But pushing an already overdriven tube amp -- that's a whole different ballgame.
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I use a ts808 clone,ocd,handwired clean boost,Soul food,Mxr 10 band etc etc. Not all at once just saying each pedal will boost in the loop or out front just grab some and experiment eventually you'll find what you like. My main combo is clean boost in loop for just straight volume increase and 10 band to cut/boost fine eq then out front I am digging my OCD.
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bbe sonic stomp always solves my problems, its a great pedal
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I guess i've only really heard it driving a clean tone, never a crunch with no drive. I'll give it a try
pretty much every metal guitarist boosts their amp with an od of sorts.

Means you can run slightly less gain on the pre then boost it with the OD to tighten up to low end, add a lot more punch and clarity.

Check some youtube videos on the difference it akes to a 5150. there are tons.
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