I have an ESP Strat, probably from the 80s (a roommate gave it to me instead of rent in the early 90s). At least I think it's an ESP. There is no serial number, and is only marked with ESP on the chrome neck plate on the rear, and a VERY faded "Produced by ESP" in small letters on the head stock. (See pics. I adjusted the contrast on the headstock photo so the lettering shows up, otherwise you can't really see it). It also has active pickups, which I have never seen on one of these. It is the same sea foam green that seems common, though. 21 frets. Any ideas about this guitar? Thanks.
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Looks like a vintage plus, that's just my best guess though. Your best bet is to send esp the pics of the guitar. Esp in the 80s used lots of different parts and their record keeping for that reason is abysmall so even they may not know.
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