So this is a song I wrote. Its about this boy who I used to sit next to in class and he has really pretty eyes, and I started to kind of fall for him, and then my best friend confessed to me that she likes him too, and I don't want to hurt her feelings or let her down, and our school's really small and there's no cute guys, so it's really not like there are many other narwhals in the sea. Tell me what you think!

G- 320033
C- X32010
Em- 022000
D- XX0323
Cadd9- X32033
Em7- 022033
Dsus4- XX0233

Verse 1: (pick bass, 3,4,3,x,3,4,3)
[G] Pull the jacket tighter across my chest
[C] As I walk towards the class that's always the best
[G] I shiver as I go through the chilly air
[C] Towards the class with you sitting right there

[G] Swing open the door, walk inside
[C] And then, to my surprise
[G] You two strike up a nice long convo
[C] Until it's time to go

Prechorus: (strum lightly, D,DU,UDU)
[G] Now I don't know what I should [Em] do
[C] She loves you and I think I do [D] too
[G] If only I could get over [Em] it
[C] And walk away without a big [D] fit

Chorus: (strum like you mean it. All downstrokes, in eighth notes. Emphasize beats 1, 2&, 4)
[G] Sometimes, I wish I could just walk away
[Dsus4] Turn around and say I'm okay
[Cadd9] I wanna come closer but I push the thought aside
[Em7]Cuz she's the one for you to be with [Dsus4] all her life

[G] I put my head down and get to work
[Dsus4] But this split personality is driving me berserk
[Cadd9] I can't and won't let my best friend down
[Em7] So it's time for me to [D] turn around

Verse 2:
Hear the bell ring and gather up my books
Elena and I share an inside look
We sprint until we get to the place
Where football's the only thing we play

Burst into laughter as we fight along the walk
But laughs coming from me stop as I see you two talk
I smile, cuz I really want you two to be a thing
But I can't help wondering what this will bring

[Prechorus, Chorus]

Bridge: (strum lightly. Only one measure per chord)
[G] So I giggle with her over you
[C] And we talk about those peculiar eyes blue
[G] Because I want her to be happy
[C] But she can't when there's the problem of me

[G] Now I don't know what I should [Em] do...
[C] She loves you and I think [D] I do too...

[Chorus 2X]

**On 2nd chorus, repeat "so it's time for me to" three times. On "turn around", strum D then G**