I'm in the market for a new guitar that would be good for alternative and hard rock styles. My budget is about $700-1000. Any tips on what to look for in a guitar that fits into this category are also welcome. I currently have a really old guitar my great grandpa gave me (silvertone) and it's not really cutting it for the styles I like to play (also hums like crazy with distortion ). A reference to some bands I like the sound of are breaking benjamin, killswitch engage, disturbed, stone sour, etc. I'm not really a fan of Floyd rose guitars and will be playing drop tunings most of the time.
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Well , this is more the less a check list. It's a lot to do with personal preference like with foods. See what your favorite bands are using and try to replicate it. You'd be surprised how much tuning , string size, picks and what we choose to play. Like tempo to key have to do with guitars. If you haven't learned tabliture yet I highly recommend it.

tuners - grover , schaller , sperzel , gotoh
14:1 or 18:1 ratio

scale length (neck length in simple terms) I'd say go 25.5 scale - you can tune lower down the road and more guitars in the hard rock and metal (in my eyes) guitars are 25.5. You've got LTD , Schecter, BC Rich , Ibanez, some but not all Deans, fender telecasters (not strats) to Jackson guitars.

a longer scale length means you can use thinner strings and get less flop out of them by the way

rosewood - balanced
maple - bright
ebony - more "tighter" which is hard to describe, it's on the bright side
personally I like rosewood the 500 or so guitars I've worked on. Ebony and Maple I've never been big on.

fret size
I say go jumbo, this ones not a big defining factor

neck wood
mahogany - dark
maple - bright and balanced

neck size
D shape I recommend for a bigger sound
However U or C shape is fine. I'm not a fan of thin necks and getting 13-56 (heavy gauge) strings shouldn't compensate for a thin neck. I hate wizard necks Ibanez makes.. i know how dare I make an opinion.

neck joint
set neck or bolt on. Set thru or neckthrough on the used market is some of the best guitars you'll ever buy in my opinion though.

body wood
mahogany - dark - probably the most common body wood in the rock/metal world to me
alder - bright
maple - just as bright as alder but much heavier
basswood - balanced
Korina - warm with more mids
for body wood in case anyone disagrees with me it's how we use it

medium output or high output
I'd honestly say go humbuckers, you can get single coil tones out of them with some wiring mods

passive over active. Seymour Duncan or Dimarzio brand.

if you're new to guitar I recommend a fixed bridge, so tuneomatic is ideal. If the strings go through the body you get more note longevity.

however if you've made it this far brands I recommend
LTD / ESP / Edwards
Agile (the 700-ish ones, neckthrough with two humbuckers and grovers)
BC Rich guitars (made in Korea are great guitars)
Dean guitars (korea again)
Jackson guitars (Japanese ones are my pick)

in the end it's what you want. Amplifier settings matter big time. If I plug into an orange amplifier from the 70s and then plug into a engl powerball I'm going to get two totally different sounds. It's how we play and where our heart is that creates the music. Hope I could help.
Reverend Sensei RA FM, Volcano RA FM, Reeves Gabrels sig II or Bayonet. MiK, good QC, lots of tonal flexibility, and RailHammer pickups which were designed with drop tuning in mind.




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Quote by Tallwood13
...I'd say go 25.5 scale - you can tune lower down the road and more guitars in the hard rock and metal (in my eyes) guitars are 25.5. You've got LTD , Schecter, BC Rich , Ibanez, some but not all Deans, fender telecasters (not strats) to Jackson guitars.

I'm sorry, what? I'm not sure about all, but at least 95% of Fender Strats are 25.5" scale, and I would say that the vast majority of strat-shaped guitars are 25.5" also... Not sure where you got that data from, but that's incorrect.
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OT get a used PRS CE22/24. The CE series was an identical body, electronics of the Custom but it has a bolt-tru maple neck
Here is a CE22 hardtail for $899
You can find used PRS S2 series for $800ish also
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