I have taken lessons before for about a year, but only learned very basic things in that time. In the meantime I have tried teaching myself but fear I might be starting bad habits/playing techniques. I like playing alternative/hard rock music, but really can only play power chords and other basic things. So basically, where would be a good place to start? Any particular scales, techniques, etc I should try for the styles I want to play? Are there any good, reliable online sources out there for learning how to play? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
I always recommend this, but I'll do it again. If you want to get further in your playing I suggest you go through this course. It has all the bare essentials ranging all the way from the basics of guitar playing. Utilizing open chords basic strumming patterns, and what not. It dwells even deeper than that if you're trying to get into more advanced things.

For example the intermediate course introduces barre chords, and some 16th note strumming patterns. It even goes through the three higher stringed triad shapes featuring the major, and minor versions. I feel as if this website is very useful it has lessons ranging from beginners to advance.


Link for the course ^