New to the forums, so greetings!

I just got a new HSS American Deluxe Strat to replace a lee ranaldo jazzmaster that is real hard to play lead on. For a number of reasons, the strat was the best suited for my playing style (whammy bar, humbucker, compound radius), but I've never been in love with the classic strat sound. I did love the sound of the lollar regals i had installed in my jazzmaster, but the damned thing had monstrous string tension and required iron claws to bend only 2 steps above the 12th fret! Lead work was way more difficult than it needed to be. anyways, this new guitar plays like an absolute dream, and can bend 5 steps without any effort at all. I might just keep the jazzy to build hand muscle!

My playing style is "indie rock". So not real high gain. Definitely not blues either.
I've never been a fan of the single coil "quack" thing that a lot of people are into either.
here's a link to one of my bands songs for reference:


Does anyone have recommendations for a humbucker and two single coils for me? Should I be looking into those single coil humcancelling things or are they garbage?

Thanks everybody!!
im thinking SD 59 for the bridge. PAF copy, warm and not too hot.

and possibly SD cool rails for the mid/neck. as you are not after the full single coil sound.

I dont really know a lot about the dimarzio singles/low output HBs, so cant comment on those really
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You can get a loaded plate off an American special strat on ebay for about 120 quid. 2 Fender Texas Special single coil (middle and neck), 1 Atomic Humbucker (bridge). I have American special strat and I can get pretty much any sound out of it I need from pop to metal and everything in between.