Ok, for a while now I've been using REAPER, ASIO4ALL, and some free vst amp sims and fx... with no issues really once I got it all setup.

Today however, out the the blue (with no changes), I can't run through ASIO4ALL with my "standard" buffer setting of 224. It's cutting out like it's not got enough buffer, even though it's been good for a while now and hasn't presented any issues. I've not changed any options until today, in that I had to up the buffer from 244 to 512 to get no cutting out, stuttering, popping, etc.

Now remember, these settings have been in play for months now. WTF o.0. I didn't change any sound card or windows sound settings so uh o.0... no options changes in reaper....

I mean 16ms isn't huge, but compared to what I had, something's occurred and I was wandering if anyone knew what has happened here and possibly a fix?
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Windows isn't a hell of a good system.
Backup everything, format the HDD and do a clean install, then it'll work better than before.

Or you may set the buffer size to 256 or 278, just to see if that's enough.
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