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To edit the post I just made, I figured out the problem. The reviews I read were for the s000m-15, and it looks like I ordered the wrong version. The one I have is the 000m-15.

Is the s000m-15 much superior? I have the option to return it if so. Can't seem to find a good comparison review.

Many thanks.
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The "s" model has electronics. The "not the s model", doesn't! Other than that, they're identical.

Oftentimes, the AE guitars also have a cutaway. In this case, I'm guessing the small size of the body is the reason the amplified version doesn't have one. A cutaway, if provided, might have more impact on the overall sound than it would on a big body guitar.

If you wanted electronics, by all means, send it back. If you didn't, you got the guitar you wanted cheaper than expected.