It's a varied mix of some of my favorite bits, I'm very guitar centric but I also play bass do drum programming and play synths and guitar synths and a bit of acoustic. old syyle with some new bits I also play a few covers in the style of, if I could be anyone it would be a hybrid of Randy, Eddy, Gilmore and Hendrix all mixed up as a brilliant me..... although the reality is somewhat different I've had some great times with music and hope to do so until the bitter end lol

I'm not much of a singer so you won't have to listen to much on that front, I've been playing music for a very long time it's intrinsic to what and who I am. It's a great hobby and I love playing.

Me on soundcloud
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Dude your playing is ridiculously good. You should focus on a specific style or feel and release some stuff. You could be a fantastic lead guitarist for a group. (assuming you aren't already)
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This one is but flesh and faith, and is the more deluded."