Problem #1: I want to be able to activate daisy chained reverb, delay, chorus with one stomp.

Problem #2: I don't know if what I have in mind will work.

Here's my current set up:

Guitar --> Digitech Drop --> Cry Baby --> Tuner --> Metal Muff --> Fullbore Metal --> Tony Iommi amp of doom

Then for the FX loop at the back of the amp:

FX send --> Reverb --> Delay --> Chorus --> FX return

I was thinking that one of those effects loop pedals would be the ticket to get all three time-based effects on at once. Like one of these:


I know it would work if I had these effects going to the front of the amp, but can I connect it this way:

-Daisy chained time effects connected to send/receive of looper box (per instructions on web page); then...

-Send/Receive from amp FX loop into input/output of looper box

Surely there has to be a way to get multiple pedals hooked up to an amp FX loop activated all at once.

Am I in the ballpark here?
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erm, do you have a foot switchable FX loop? if so, you could place them in the loop, and just use the footswitch.

If you don't and it's just global then I suppose hypothetically you could do

fx out -> looper in -> looper loop out -> pedals -> looper loop in -> looper out -> fx in. This would work. Might want to invest in a buffer or a higher end looper though.
Unfortunately on this amp the footswitch is only for activating the pre-boost. I'll see if I can borrow a looper and give your suggestion a try. Thanks.
yeah, I've used loop pedals before but not extensively and certainly never in an amp-fx loop.

you're basically simulating a foot switchable loop.

I was thinking about doing the same to be honest, but with a 4-6 channel looper, so that I could simulate having different "channels" on the amp. Problem is my FX loop is global for both channels and I only want them applied to the clean.

Any who try it out.
What buzzard said will work. You can pick them up for pretty cheap or build them for even cheaper.
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