Hello there,

I've recently started playing Don't Starve and had a question for you lovely lot

So I was wondering, do you think it would hinder the playing experience to listen to music at the same time as playing? I know this is going to get a bias reaction as I'm asking on a music site, but that's fine by me.

Buy yeah, so far it's a fun little game and if you feel so inclined then check it out. If this thread has no interest to you then I apologise.

Bye now.
Anything other than 70s disco music would be a hindrance yes
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I've had Don't Starve for a fairly long time now and I love it, though I don't play it very often. I just love the music in that game and don't know if it would be as enjoyable listening to something else while playing it, though maybe if I played it a lot more I would eventually turn the music off and listen to something else. If you do listen to something else make sure you've got the sound effects up loud enough to be heard over the music so you can hear the hounds coming. According to Steam I've only put 64 hours into it, which isn't very much at all considering I've had it for a couple of years.

Thanks for reminding me of it. I think I'll go play it now.

Edit: when I started playing just now the music volume was all the way down, so apparently last time I played I was listening to music. I still think it's better to just experience the game by itself at first since you'll be wandering around doing whatever and then suddenly the music starts and everything's awesome, then it goes away again.
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Don't Starve is pretty slow-paced and atmospheric compared to a lot of games, I feel like having music in the background would ruin the experience for me(unless it happens to be fitting music).
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i only listen to other music while gaming if i'm playing a really grindy game like Diablo for the hundredth time because i have nothing to do
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the audio is hilarious. i used to run around inspecting things so i could hear the dude's voice

haven't played it in ages.
I tried to play don't starve once but then it got dark and I got spooked
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Thanks for the replies guys. The sound effects and music are both well done, but it can be a rather grindy game. I was just listening to something at the time but felt like loading it up, I didn't in the end as like the majority of you have said, because I didn't think it would be as good.