Is $500 a good deal for this used amp? I play in 2 bands, one punky, one electro-ey...would this work?

Thanks for your help.
I typically see them sell for over of $600. $500 would be a nice price if the amp is in good shape.

As for the sound…hit up eBay.
it's an okay deal if the amp is in great shape. i've scored a bunch of ampegs pretty cheap as they have a narrower following than most brands.

great amps though. would work well for punk imo as well as much more.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
Nice thanks guys.

Might have a lead on a tweed Fender deluxe 90's reissue, 40W 1X12 for 500...I think I might go for that instead.