Hey guys,
I've decided I'm going to buy a cheap DIY Tele kit and just replace all of the cheap parts with those of my desired spec. My current favourite pickup is the DiMarzio FRED bridge humbucker . It's tight and punchy with plenty of definition and I love it. The only problem is that they don't make a Tele bridge sized one.

The only options from DiMarzio are the Super Distortion T, the Tone Zone T, the Fast Track T and the Chopper T.

I'd rather not re-rout the body since A.) I don't own or have access to a router and B.) I've used a chisel to do the same before and it ended badly. Ask the hospital.

So, what Tele sized bridge 'bucker is similar to the DiMarzio FRED?
With pickups body wood and all the small things matter. Play the guitar with whatever and see how far off you are from the freds tone. See if you need more treble, more bass..that sort of thing. Because what we find out as we continue to play is that the balance of treble, bass, mids and volume are what matter. The pickup can be any brand or have any name.. know what I mean as long as we get that sound.

Seymour Duncan is another great brand as well. The only pickups I like are hum cancelling tele pickups by all whatever brand.

but anyways.. with pickups be more aware of magnet material, resistance and most importantly observe the tone chart. We can correct a lot of the things "wrong" with the tone within reaosn with a guitar pedal or processor to just compensating on the amplifier as no two guitars sound the same. That and of course string material or pick size/material. Sounds odd but it matters big time. This is why I tell guys to avoid signature pickups of famous players.

to put things into perspective I had a 27 fret hamer and I tried all sorts of brands of pickups in it to get the right sound. A really hot gibson pickup I had laying around , A seymour duncan JB and a dimarzio air norton in the bridge and oddly enough this 5 or 6$ humbucker off of ebay from China had just the right sound I was looking for.