you never show up too soon
my mind begins to move
your arms stretch out toward me
i watch as you go through slowly
starting a chemical reaction
a feeling like its never been
from my chest to my head
bleeding like ive never bled

theres a tune playing
cant quite understand what it's saying
til i have you in my sight
it's telling me to chase the starlight
you inject your life into me
flow through my veins, i begin to see
our soul, existence and divinity
sparking my brain to ignite the star in me
my eyes disperse your colors like a prism
lighting up a world full of wisdom

born with a shovel in my hand
always dug too deep into the sand
an open pit will collapse
became timeless to relapse
left a burden leading to our face
now im trying to make up for mistakes
visions of my destination come clearer as i burrow through this mess
whether i see your face, its the last thing i want to guess
if i cut myself open for you, will you consume me? or will you ruin me?
i need you to stop me before i go too far
i dont want you to stop me at all