On my iTunes/iPod, I have a playlist to practice & play on my guitar. I just put songs into my playlist to play songs into a sound of various metal genres, so i can learn tabs from this UG website. Anyway I only have one playlist for my Dean guitar, here is my playlist (don't mind!).

Dean Dave Mustaine VMNTX Electric Guitar workout playlist:

Alice Cooper- "Welcome to my Nightmare"
Behemoth- "Conquer All" and "Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer"
Black Sabbath- "Paranoid", "Ion Man", "Children of the Grave" and "Black Sabbath"
Death- "Evil Dead, "Infernal Death", "Zombie Ritual", "Denial of Life", "Left to Die" and "Regurgitated G*ts"
In This Moment- "The Gun Show"
Megadeth- "Holy War", "Symphony of Destruction", "Washington is Next" and "Never Dead"
Metallica- "Nothing Else Matter", "Master of Puppets", "All Nightmare Long", "One" and "Enter Sandman"
Pantera- "Cowboys From Hell", "Mouth For War" and "F**king Hostile"
Sepultura- "Arise", "Altered State" and "Beneath the Remains"
Slayer- "Raining Blood", "Flesh Storm", "World Painted Blood", "Bloodline" and "South of Heaven"
The Pretty Reckless- "Going To Hell"
White Zombie- "More Human Than Human"

PS. I'm getting about to be getting Schester Omen Extreme-6 FR or Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro electric guitar in few weeks, so I will have to create new playlist for either guitar soon.
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