hi to all!!! i am just starting to play gigs with my band and i wanted to purchase some effect pedals for my guitar. i have an epiphone wildkat and i wanted the 50s - 60s - 70s style of sound, not much distortion. i wanted to know some good pedals in the budget of 150euros. Moreover i wanted to know the wright order to put them together. ty!!!
Well... what exactly are you looking for or are you just expecting random answers from what people think you need for older style tones?

Is there a particular sound you're looking for? What is your gear? Where are you located? Is 150 euro your total budget?
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Yeah, we need more info.
A nice overdrive pedal could throw a little dirt into the mix for your 70's rock stuff. You probably need a wah and/or a fuzz for your 60's stuff. Although "50s - 60s - 70s style of sound" is pretty broad. That covers everything from the 4 tops and the Ronnettes to the Doors and Led Zep.
Your current gear is the really important question.
A little digging through the forums will point you at the suggested chain of effects once you get them.
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what's your amp?
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