I bought an Ibanez RGT6EXFX last night for £280 in mint condition with Ibanez prestige hard case. Sounds a bargain. But It plays as if the battery is dead, very little meat to the sound, I've tried 3 other brand new Duracell batteries so I know it's not that.

I also have a Jackson KKX v with the same active EMG's and it works perfectly, same goes for my other RG with Seymour Duncan blackouts.

I did read up on input jacks and noticed the RGT6EXFX has a different looking jack, I have 3 leads but they're all mono so I don't have a stereo lead to try, could this be the issue? Never heard of it before. This Ibanez comes with the EMG's factory fitted if that makes a difference.

I don't know anything about wiring but everything in there appears like it hasn't been messed with.

Any help appreciated, cheers.
3 leads would imply a stereo jack. I can imagine the fact it has only two leads could be the issue because every active preamp I considered adding to my guitars or customers required a 9v battery because the IC/transistors and stuff all need to be pushed past the regular current inside an electric guitar offers. So current of the battery in, current out.

Take a photo of the wiring and post it on here and I can tell you if it's been tampered with easily. I have a background in electronics. Hopefully it's just a loose solder. But the stereo jacks I recommend are switchcraft. They click twice to insert an input jack. So push in half way (click) and then again.

EMG Afterburner / PA2 to whatever
Seymour Duncan / Jackson Firestorm 25db boost preamp
artec stuff
this wah pot
... lots of stuff in between, all stereo jacks.
Sorry when I said leads I just meant the amp to guitar lead/cable, all mine are mono so I don't have a stereo lead/cable to try.

Ok thanks, I'll take some pics in a little while and put them on here.
yeah the input jack for sure. There is a battery ground and a regular ground. I can imagine getting them mixed up causes undesired results.

the guitar looks like it has had a bit of work done to it electrically. The pot by the selector especially. But the tone knobs look about the same because anyone can buy twist ties to make the wiring look neater these days. But the dead giveaway was the tone pots (ones with the green capacitor) look at the blob of solder on it versus the volume so the pickups may have been swapped at one time or another.

so solder the two red wires from each EMG if they are say an EMG 81/85 or anything with just EMG on it that are active (EMG makes like 70-80 different pickups) and solder those two red wires together and the other red wire should be going out to the ring of the input jack to activate the chip inside the EMGs.
Ok thanks, I'm a total novice with electrics & looking inside the guitar so in a simple way, what do you think I need to do? I haven't taken the pickups out yet but you seem pretty sure it's the input, is it wired wrong? I've added a few more pics to the album, there are 3 red wires soldered together & blanked off, is that normal?

Am I replacing a wire on the jack with a red one or just adding it?

Thanks again.