Hi all,

I have been trying to teach myself to sing recently and am looking for some honest critique of my vocals, please no sugar coating whatsoever, if they are awful please say so!

I have recorded a short 30 second clip of me attempting to sing, please let me know how it sounds and if there's any areas that need improvement etc...


Thank you ever so much!
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Does sound kinda generic, needs practice. I wouldn't say boring, just needs work.

Work on pitch control. I hear a few places where you start a note off pitch and then find it. Put more into it. Singing is not the same as humming along with the radio, put some power behind it no matter what the volume level. Use the diaphram, that's the muscles in the stomach basically. Put your finger in your ear covering the middle flap and you'll hear your pitch really well, work on getting the pitch right every time from the start of the note. Some of the starts are a bit harsh, try for a softer start for the first word of a line. The word I at the first of each line is too harsh, the very first one is a little better but still too abrupt.
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You sing good man. You're obviously a little inexperienced. That's Ok. We all had to start somewhere. Keep singing. You'll improve as you go. The only advice I can offer is "get into it" when you sing. You'll do great.