Is it related to wire and require me to take it to someone for a re-soldering?

Note: Both of my tone knob are broken and Volume knob only work 50% ( When turn to 7 it work but It won't sound when I turn it to 8 or 9, strange? )
I've got a few ideas and it's hard to determine without seeing the guitar. By the looks of it you've got a stratocaster implying you've got two tones But by the looks of it the person who had the guitar before either had no idea what the hell they were doing soldering or the guitar was through fire and flames haha.

The easiest solution is to get a "pre-wired harness" on ebay for stratocasters it is 6$ with free shipping. It just needs 3 solders plus installing the pickups. Seymour Duncan has excellent diagrams to help you out. These are 500k pots so a slightly brighter sound but for it's price it's fantastic.

the wiring harness

the diagram - focus one wire at a time this is easy. Just the pickups (6 solders) and the input jack and ground from the claw (spring holder)

as a guitar tech here's some things to look for. You'll need to take the strings and the pickguard off. Don't adjust the pickup heights which are the 6 screws to the left and right of the pickguard. Keep the pickups on.

so buzzing
2 wire single coils buzz unless in positions two or four. That makes them go parallel and cancel out eachothers hum.

if the buzzing continues
it's a grounding issue. There should be a...
wire going from the claw (spring holder of the guitar) to all three of the bases of the pots (things under the knobs) and out of the guitar to ground properly.

however for the volume control issue
either the ground that is on the volume potentiometer is a cold solder joint or not done properly where you cannot successfully go 10-0 to get from 250k (10) resistance to 125k (5) to 0.

if it's a cold solder joint you'll need to clean the joint using wick or a solder sucker and reapply the solder. If it's a lousy connection just re-solder and look for mistakes the person made.

when all else fails like assuming there is a ton of solder on the base of the pot the potentiometer was probably over heated which is surprisingly hard and needs to be replaced.

as for the tone knobs disconnecting them I wouldn't worry too much. You can easily re-solder them in if you choose to do so but I'm always surprised how little people use them.

dive in with both feet and this gets really easy. I'm sure you can do it. Any guitar questions feel free to ask.

a soldering iron kit from the source will do nicely with the solder and all. You can mount the pickups and all easily outside the guitar. They tend to come with thin solder too which gives you more control.

strip every wire to the right length you're comfortable working with then tin every wire and contact prior to soldering. Don't use the soldering iron like a glue gun. It's tempting but you'll have results as good as the guitar has now. Idealistically you want to have the ends of the wires twisted and a light coat of solder so you have control. It's like hair gel I guess... for contacts that you're connecting stuff like the selector create a wall of solder. Put the stick of solder near the contact and let a bit of solder go into the contact to create a wall.

to join a tinned wire to a tinned contact put the tip of the soldering iron that is still hot enough to melt solder near the contact you plan to solder and let it liquify and once its ready poke the wire through and hold it for 5 seconds counting down slow while the wire cools down. Use gloves or whatever if you need to.

use a clean iron with a tinned tip every time. if there's any dirt on it wipe it off with that copper looking steel wool at the dollar store. But after every use when you're done drag the tip across a wet sponge to remove any dirt that isnt' burnt on and then apply a bit of solder on the tip to keep it from rusting.

as always solder flat to the surfaces of the volume pots. Cover them in a blanket of solder so you never have to take the pickguard. Always give each wire a light tug to ensure you've made a solid connection when everything cools down.

once everything is done before putting the strings on get something magnetic like a screw driver and tap the pickups in the selected order. So like position 1 just tap the bridge pickup and make your way up. This also works for the tone knobs on your strat. The mellower tone as you roll back is a dead giveaway for it.

and just in case as I'm pretty bored right now writing this
*24AWG wire - single standed
*0.022 capacitors are for your tone knob
*60/40 rosin core solder I recommend
*lead solder is 10x easier to work with on guitars then lead free
if your iron tip is designed for lead free stick to lead free otherwise you'll ruin the tip fast.
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Thank Spider man I thought that no one gonna help me with this problem

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