Hello, I am in need of help identifying an unmarked electric guitar I stumbled upon after a friend purchased a new house. The old residents left behind many valuable and even some historically significant items. While helping go through things I came upon this electric guitar. It appears to be rather vintage, yet visibly appears untouched. There was no signs of wear and the guitar was in very very nice shape. However I wasn't familiar with the writing on the headstock of the guitar. It reads "spitfire" in golden cursive letters. The body looks very similar to a stratocaster which Im familiar with playing. However the headstock is noticeably different than any stratocaster models, the guitar has a "edge" or side input, as opposed to it being below the bridge like almost all stratocaster models ive seen, the volume and tone knobs are a black, very sturdy metal construction. Not plastic knobs found on most fender models. Also there is no place on the back of the body where strings are to be routed. Instead this guitar strings directly from the bridge to the tuner knobs on the headstock. Ive done countless hours of research and I just cant come up with a matching guitar at all online, and the craftsmanship appears far too precise to have been some sortve home made guitar but i could always be wrong. Ive spent so much time researching I give up. Please try to help me identify the origin of this guitar anyway you can. The links below are all pictures of the guitar. Any questions please contact me at 72skylark350@gmail.com Thanks for any help.

Looks like one of those 80s/90s superstrat knockoffs (specifically a Jackson ripoff in this case). Also appears to have one of those knockoff Kahler bridges that were popular on Chinese made guitars of that era (I can't tell really, the lighting is bad).
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yes it has a kahler "flyer" bridge. Thanks for the help guys. Are their any other suggestions that might help me be able to tell the exact origin of the guitar? One thing I found particularly odd was that there is no serial numbers on any piece of the guitar. I paid a very cheap price for it, just want to know if its something that is capable of producing at least a decent sound for casual play.