Hello all. I am new to these forums and fairly new to playing guitar.

I recently purchased a guitar and am having a problem with it. The G string won't stay in tune, and when I look at the pegs, the peg for G is slightly raised, while the others are flush. I will include pictures. Is this an easy fix, or is it something major?


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I'm guessing that the knobs under (not out the sides of) the head are tuning post height adjusters. don't go all out on them but gently turn them and see if that makes a difference.

How new are the strings? from the pictures they look like they're brand new (to me anyway) which means they need to be worn in so they stay in tune better.

My main suggestion? take it over to the Electric guitar forum, someone there should be absolutely certain.
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Ok, thanks. I tightened the bolt on that peg a bit, and put new, better strings on, and it's better now. I'm not sure what strings were on there when I got it, but I put new ones on and it seems fine.