it looks wierd. Some free dudes with dem guitars sitting on stage. I understand that guitars are playing both same thing to get "fuller" sound but wouldn't be easier to use some kind of effect for that and just use one guitar? And also why there's base? i don't kinda hear it.

Btw, im quite begginer in guitar and music in general
While I am going to point out that AA aren't Hardcore. I am still going to answer your question.

Taking bass OUT of the mix makes everything else sound really thin. All that heaviness that people normally assume is the guitars? Well it's not the guitars, it's the bass guitar.


I know this isn't modern downtuned chugcore but the same principles apply. Some of the more talented producers over at the Recording forums have shown bassless mixes before to prove a point before and often metal guitars on their own sound fuqing awful.

If you need more proof I'm sure I can find some more suitably similar style songs that I've mixed as a practise in the past and you'll be able to see the same thing.
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