Hey everyone,
I have a Fender Squier strat and the fretboard feels very chalky and its hardly comfortable on my finger tips and nails, and its difficult to slide up and down the fret board, etc etc. Also the frets sit a bit high in my opinion. Is there anyway I could resolve these small issues that I'm having? I was looking at the Dunlop 6502 Guitar Fingerboard Conditioning Kit, would that help with the chalkiness? Any idea about the frets too? I attached a couple pics of the guitar. Thanks in advance.
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ok this is a pretty easy fix

so firstly toss the old strings

the frets need to be polished
use up to 2000 grit sand paper to make the frets sparkle like new, itll make them smooth too. So you can go that route, stewmac fret erasers, 3m has some special sand papers or my personal favorite is micro mesh.

the fretboard needs to be cleaned
use lighter fluid on a rag to get rid of dirt
then wait 3 minutes and on another side of the rag try pure lemon oil
after the lemon oil, wipe it on and wipe the excessive stuff off put the new strings on.
the lighter fluid removes dirt, the lemon oil re-hydrates the fretboard
I've love to take photos of before and after work as I do this professionally and the results are always transforming a used guitar to new in terms of looks.

so the sliding issue should be fixed. Next I'd lower the string action on each saddle and see if it helps.
If the fretboard is dirty, clean it. I use www.gorgomyte.com this cleans and polishes the frets all at the same time and is 100% worth it

You can use regular mineral oil on a rag and wipe the fretboard down to condition it. Remove all the excess oil when your done. Baby oil is mineral oil with a bit of fragrance but is 100% safe and useable

The Dunlop kits are fine to use if you want to go that route also
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Never used "pure lemon oil." Use mineral oil or something like Olde English lemon oil polish (which is mineral oil with a small amount of cleaning solvent added). The Dunlop 65 stuff is largely mineral oil and is just fine. "Pure lemon oil" is made of lemon peels and used for cooking and aromatherapy. Not suitable for fretboard use.

The frets on that guitar are relatively skinny, but not particularly high, though they may feel that way at first. Smoothing them out (as tallwood13 suggests) will go a long way toward making them work better for you. Sometimes on inexpensive guitars (and some expensive ones) the fretwork really seems to be left for the new owner to complete. But you'll get used to the height pretty quickly if you remember to use a light touch on your fretting hand. This is usually pretty difficult for someone coming directly from an acoustic guitar, but it'll make a big difference in your playing. What you do NOT want to be doing is pushing the strings all the way down to the fretboard; stop when you make contact with the fret.
Thank You all for the great advice! I am going to do a little shopping and then sand the frets as Tallwood13 said, Then use the Mineral oil trick as well to polish it up and see if that helps anything if not then I am probably going to buy something like the Gorgomyte (Thanks for the link

The Guitar is fairly new to me in the sense that I hardly ever touch it. I bought it awhile ago from my neighbor who never played it and bought it new. And I bought it because it was a cheap squier. However, I must admit its not my go to guitar so I never bothered to Set it up yet or do anything special to it. But I've been meaning to do this for awhile and I want to start today! (New years resolution? Lol). So I appreciate all of your input and help very much.
Well, I sanded the frets and Yes, They do look and feel better by far!! Thanks again for the tips And I washed up the fret board. But I went the easy, DIY-No Buy way and used the only thing I had in my house on hand Baby Bath Oil- Main Ingredient: Mineral Oil. However, it is scented and it smells horrible which I didn't know until after it dried. Now I regret so much putting that stuff on my guitar. It literally gives me a headache and no one wants to play something that gives them a headache. How do I get this oil/smell off? Help.