I got a crybaby gcb95 wah for christmas and I had a lot of fun with it, but I noticed that whenever I would go to some higher notes and rock the wah back it would get really loud and fuzzy. but it didnt happen when I rocked the wah fully back just slightly below that and it kinda sounded like I had plugged the wah in backwards and put fuzz on it. Should I return it and get another one or is this something to do with my setup.
Could be an issue but could be many other things, for example its position in the pedal chain (if you have one) drastically changes its tone, I have mine first in the chain then distortion after, as well it may be your amplifier, poor/faulty leads or your pickups, i'd check all possible other areas first before returning it to ensure that it is actually the pedal which is faulty
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