Hey guys, I'm a fairly new "engineer". I helped my friend record a couple demos with Reaper. I don't want to shell out more cash than I need to for recording stuff on my lonesome. I have a (very) subsidized Creative Cloud subscription (thanks, college!), so I have access to Audition. My question is this: How good is Audition for recording music? I've seen lots of people using it for radio, podcasting and rap, but is it good for rock music (i.e. how good is it for compensating for people starting a little early or a little late?). I haven't done any huge tests because I'm still waiting on my new A/D box to arrive. The minor experience I have with the program has not filled me with confidence because I can't figure out how to turn a beat/bar grid on. Any advice on that would be great, too.

Thank y'all muchly!
I used its predecessor Cooledit Pro and that was fine, maybe not as quite involved as some of the other packages but it did fine, I've heard people pull off good stuff with it. The audio editing, noise scrubbing, etc. is the best bang for the buck.

Try it out, should be fine.

I just hate the ransom ware that Adobe has become, you'd have to pay monthly for the thing which kinda defeats the purpose of getting it. $60 Reaper DAW might do just as well, maybe not so fancy on the editing but Adobe's pricing structure is just crazy.
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Pretty limited compared to the rest out there.
You may like it for starters but you may find it limited in some time when you confront what you can do with other people using different tools.

Also reaper's free trial lasts forever.
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I own Audition CS6. It has most features any beginner or intermediate user would need. FWIW, it has THE BEST noise reduction in the business. Its ridiculously simple to use and can save even the most noisy takes. I don't even bother with other programs, if Audition can't take care of it, its not worth my time fixing.
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Audition was my first DAW software. I come from a long analog background (lots of reel to reel multi track work) so maybe I was just to new to the DAW world to understand it at the time but I found it clumsey and more difficult to understand than I was use to. Since I was a Cakewalk midi user (since version 1 on 5 1/4 floppys on my IBM 286 PC with that beautiful mono "green screen") I went to Sonor. As far as price goes I recommend Music Creator from Cakewalk. It costs less than $50.00 and if you get it through Steam it is often on sale for about $20.00. Lots of decent effects and fairly easy to understand.
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