Whole Budget has to go to my new guitar sorry !!

hiiya Guys, i've been playing for about a year and a 1/2 now on my:

Ibanez Western AW70ece-NT Semi-acoustic.
and i'm ready to broaden my horizons and start some Heavyier stuff.
red Hot Chillly pepers.
9th,4th,3d Symphony of Beethoven
Papa Roach,
Black Label society,
Linkin park, (i'm sick of: the messenger & Shadow of the day XD)

the styles of artists like that <<<<(see List above)

I can buy an "Ibanez AX125 black" with a Boss DS-1 for $300,- it's only been used for a month or 2..
and on the picture it seemed to be in good Condition (but real life usually let's you down)
It has to go.
Because of family problems...: To much noise ?? ^_^

I've only got $350 to spare... or are there any suggestions 'bout what I should buy..?
Don't Know What will be good for me
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Great guitars for the money.
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If money is tight I'd try something else besides Ibanez - their pickups are pretty much terrible.

PRS SE are pretty fantastic for the price.

The LH-150 pups on the cheaper LTD guitars are good as far as stock pups go. Much better than Ibanez or Epiphone stuff at any rate.

But if you're in the US/can buy from the US, $350 can get you a used LTD Deluxe if you are patient & quick enough. And an LTD Deluxe can easily be a lifetime guitar. Though that's also true for PRS SE.
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