Hey guys, I want to buy a new guitar and Iam gonna say I'm a little bit of a Jackson fanboy, i already own 2 japanese Rhoads and one ESP LTD made in Korea.

Now I found 2 guitars that I would like to have, since there's no big music store around I gotta buy without testing first.

The first guitar i spotted is one of the new Jackson Pro RRT3 Ivory (like the old RR5Pro), its string through, 22 jumbo frets,ebony fretboard, pearl sharkfin inlays and overall pretty good looking at least on the picture, I always wanted the RR5 Ivory since I once played it in a store but its pretty hard to get here in Europe, now there's only this new model made in Indonesia instead of Japan.

777€ brand new from Thomann

The other one is a used ESP SV (not LTD) Standard with black and gold Hardware or white with black pinstripes, its original japanese made for Europe only (discontinued).
Pretty much the version on which Alexi's Signature is based on.
24 Frets,ebony, Pearl Dot Inlays (little letdown for me for a 2000€ guitar) and Floyd Rose.

~900 + original case in excellent condition.

Anyone played these guitar or could give me some advice ? I'ver never played one of the new indonesian Jackson nor could I test an original ESP Standard.
I'd get the ESP. Its going to be a higher quality guitar overall.
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yeah, I'd get the ESP
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Jackson fan myself, but from what I read, the Indonesian models can be of rather questionable quality. Don't know if a single review is worth much, but on Thomann's site there's an absolutely shocking customer review of a Pro Soloist (which was probably made in Indonesia--bolt-on models like the Dinky are apparently built in Mexico). If it's true what I read, it's probably better to get a used Jackson Pro from a few years ago when they were still made in Japan.

I'd probably get the ESP too. A big name on a guitar doesn't mean guaranteed quality, but I think the chances are better. Also, if you don't like it, you can resell it without much loss probably.
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Just found an used RRT Elite Ivory with ebony fretboard and silver hardware seems to be pretty rare,from the limited last run of the japanese production, I already own a RR24 MIJ and its of the finest quality.

Price for this one would be around 500 in good condition, already thinking about buying this one an replacing the silver with black or gold hardware.
ESP all the way.
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Alright guys, my lucky day, I was looking at bays offers,just saw the original RR5 Ivory Pro MiJ (like new) I always wanted but could never find here in any store, bought it for 500 => happy as hell