The only difficult aspect of writing a review of a new release by Lou Pecci is trying to figure out which of his recordings is his best. Not an answerable question, because all of his albums are unique and excellent, from his two releases of "Spaghetti Western Themes on Nylon Guitar" or his solo guitar version of the famous themes from the big James Bond movies "JAMES BOND ON ELECTIC GUITAR," to this recording of original compositions "ORIGINAL TIME" - all are successful and sure will doubtless satisfy even the most informed jazz fusion aficionado (all are available on www.CDBaby.com).

Pecci's skill is his ability to not only perform with the precision and passion of the best, but to also through his overdubbing of electric guitars create a rather massive orchestral fabric that is so rich it fills every part of the music with a glow.

The tracks, original compositions on overdubbed acoustic and electric guitars, are as follows:
7 Straight
Lost Soul
Don't Give Up
Fog and War
The Sneak
Left Alone
It's Coming
Foreign Woman
Left or Right
If Only
Tender Heart

For his many fans this recording may just be the favorite, but for those who are meeting this musical artist for the first time, take a deep breath and enjoy the mastery of Lou Pecci. Grady Harp, November 14