Yeah pretty awesome technique! As others have said it is actually alternate picked, enjoy learning it that way
Well guys, who cares? Petrucci played it live with alternate picking, but if you look at the tab - there is CLEARLY standard sweep-picking patterns which are WAY easier and cleaner. I think it is useless, imagine yourself playing 6-string arpeggios with alternate picking.
Yeah, I watched some videos on youtube where JP plays it live and, using alternate picking, it sounds all messed up.
Sounds smoother using sweep in my opinion! And even using sweep it's definitely not simple to play!
Nice stuff dude! Not really my style of music. Good technique
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Very good dude!, better than mine! lol, check it out:


What gear you used for getting that tone?

And yes, it is alternate picking, who cares? no one, but its the way it was composed and recorded, pretty hard to play imo, even petrucci plays it very sloppy live because of attemping to play alternate... It does sounds a lot of different when you play it alternate and sweep, i guess thats the reason petrucci choose to record alternate picking because it sounds more attack of each note and thats kind of the vibe of the song...

thanks! I used Line 6 Pod X3 but i don't recommend it to you because it's old now. Newer models easier to tweak and sounds better. Words about alternate/sweep have sense
Danggg dude that was aweome! I'm going to go try to sweep pick now
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Quote by crazycory94
Danggg dude that was aweome! I'm going to go try to sweep pick now

Good luck to you! I offer Skype lessons, PM me if you interested