Dean Dimebag Pantera FBD ML Electric Guitar
Item # 110317567

I cannot seem to find anything about this guitar. I have been looking at it for a long time but cannot find any reviews on it. How does it play? How does it sound with the single pickup? Is it worth the money? Should I spend a little more and get a different model? Is the art of the cover of FBD the best feature of this guitar?
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Well I can't say for how it would play, but it just looks like an overpriced show guitar really. It's guaranteed to be overpriced because it has a bit of oak in it from outside the recording studio, and the totally-not-tacky paintjob. If you want a Dean ML, then if you look for something perhaps a little more 'stock', you can get something better/similar at a lower cost
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^^ what he said.
But in general, Dean guitars look and feel like toys to me. The finishes, the huge headstock, it all adds up to a "kiddy" image. If you wanna know how it plays, go out and play it. A single pickup will not give you many options as to the sound your guitar can make.

Are you sure you want a double locking tremolo? If you do not know what a Floyd Rose is, you do not want a Floyd Rose. Then, it's a 22 fret guitar. Personally, I would only accept 22 frets on a 3 pickup configuration. Trust me, you want 24 frets. And again, that photo finish man... It's fugly. I understand that you might like Dimebag but come on... Is this your first guitar? If that is so, do not get a signature model. Get something universal.
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This is not my first guitar. I've been playing for over 20 years. Yes of course I'm a fan of Dimebag which is the reason why I've been looking at the Dean guitars. I used to have an Ibanez Joe Satriani with a Floyd Rose but I ended up selling it. I miss having the Floyd Rose so I'm looking for another guitar with one. I am looking for a guitar that will give me a great metal sound but I do want something that will be versatile. That Dean FBD guitar doesn't seem like it'd be very versatile. As for the finish, I think it's bad ass, but I love the cover art for that album. I've never played Dean guitars but I've had a couple of people suggest a Dean. I was looking at BC Rich Mockingbirds but I've had a few people tell me to stay away from BC Rich. I have only owned Fenders, Ibanez and Schecter guitars. I like the idea of a tribute guitar, but I wonder how good they are. I have the Kurt Cobain Jaguar and I absolutely love that guitar but I want something that will deliver some good metal.