Hey guys! This is my first ever post on here! My question is can I hook a channel switch pedal like a normal guitar effects pedal? What I want to say basically is this - Guitar->Footswitch->Amp = possible?
If your amp supports footswitches, it will probably have a separate jack specifically for a footswitch. Otherwise, buy an effects pedal.
You can't. The amp footswitch that you got with the amp, is nothing more than just an actual switch. Its only use it to switch the channels on the amp. A proper effects pedal has a circuit in it, that alters the guitar signal before it gets to the amp (or the signal between the preamp and poweramp if you put it in the effects loop). The amp footswitch cant do that, because, like i said, its just a switch without any additional circuits.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.