Dug out my old Ibanez RG today to find the whole thing has seized up and corroded! Quick polish and it's looking pretty good. Having an issue with the string blocks though. No matter how hard I try I can't get them out of the saddles. Anyone have any tips on getting them out?
my friend in Alberta had a similar issue, I think they used a blow torch or something really insane like that in a long and mcquade or a place called axemusic to get them out.

hopefully it's an easier fix than that like WD40 or something to liquify the hardened on gunk. This Jackson low profile I had to use these really thin pliers to get the high E saddle out as the string was locked in this weird way that it shouldn't have.

so I talked to my friend and he said a butane torch to heat up the saddles for them to fall out. The same thing happened to his Agile 7 string and perhaps his prestiege as he plays guitar 24/7 and probably sweat and dirt jammed up the holes.
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