Hey guys!

I'm almost done tabbing this amazing song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLXIf3RAzqc Uriel by Joy Wants Eternity on Guitar Pro. It was pretty hard since the instruments are so heavily processed that the rhythm and the notes get kind of drowned in reverb and effects, but I think I have something good going on.

The only problem is I tabbed the entire thing assuming the starting beat (1:30) was giving the right tempo (70) but I forgot the part at 3:40 where it speeds up. Then I got some really weird double time rhythms. Everything works out rhythmically, but do you think I mixed it up? Like the first part is half time and the end is at tempo (140)? And when the drums enter at 3:40 do you notice a slight variation in the tempo as well?

Thanks! And by the way if you don't know this band, check them out, they're ****ing amazing and way underated.
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The second tempo (at ~3:40) sounds like it's moving up to ~144. Probably an unintentional speed up, and really not even noticeable unless you're counting the beats. Try recounting it yourself because sometimes I screw those up hehe.

But yeah, the drums sound like double time in that second section. For the sake of accented beats (I don't even know that GuitarPro picks up on that, but someone using it for the standard notation might), I'd change the tempo to 144 when the drums come in. You can clearly hear the accent on the 1 and 3 (with the 3 being less pronounced but more pronounced than the backbeat), so it might screw up the interpretation.

Honestly it doesn't much matter. You could also change it to 2/4 timing and half the note values (and leave the tempo at 70), but it sounds like 4/4 at ~144 in the second section to me.
The ending (when the drums stop playing) is in the same tempo as the beginning. Yeah, you could change to double time at 3:40. But I don't think it really matters that much.
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