Hello everyone, I bought a LTD MH-417 last week and I can't do tapping in the higher frets. I can do it with other guitars but not with this one, the action is really low (1 mm, maybe a bit less) and I still can't do it. Can anyone please help me?
Your just going to have to practice on that guitar
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1mm action or less.....
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It sounds like you may have a high fret somewhere down there. Having a high fret anywhere between the main note you're holding and the higher notes your tapping can make it impossible (depending how bad it is) no mater how good your technique is. The string is basically fretting out making it a dead note just before the note your taping hits the proper fret. So wherever you are having this problem while tapping, you need to look for high frets anywhere in between. I just woke up so I'm lazy right now. But you can Google how to check for high frets on an electric guitar , and then decide if you can do it yourself or have a tech take care of it.