Hey everyone, so recently I've been thinking about what kind of guitar I should get next. Right now I'm debating either an epiphone Les Paul plustop PRO or an epiphone Casino. My current guitar is a fender Mexican Strat, and I've been looking for something with beefier pickups. I play mostly classic rock, nineties alternative, and a little bit of punk and metal. What do you guys recommend?
Based on the variety of musical ground you wish to cover, I'd say a les paul would be a better choice out of those two.

Casinos are really nice guitars for a lot of different styles of music that generally use very low gain or clean tones, and arguably would do that type of thing better than a les paul would, but they don't handle higher gain stuff too well due to the single coil hum, the hollow body making them prone to feedback, and the long distance between the bridge and the tailpiece causing the strings to resonate behind the bridge in an audible register which will become increasingly noticeable and intrusive the more you increase the gain on the amp. also, by comparison to a les paul, they lack sustain.

If you want the best of both worlds, check out the dot or sheraton - or another similar semi-hollowbody.
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Quote by Blompcube

Casinos are really nice guitars for a lot of different styles of music that generally use very low gain or clean tones, but they don't handle higher gain stuff too well.

Gary Clarke Jr. uses some pretty high gain fuzzes with his Casinos and es330's and he does alright, but you are right. Hollowbodies can be a major pain to play with gain. They're big, noisy, and can feedback like crazy. They do have some of the nicest clean sound around though.

I play my Godin 5th Avenue (Big ES 150-esque jazzbox) in a Punky Alternative band and You really have to spend sometime learning how your guitar reacts to distance, volume, gain ect... to use it properly. IMHO I think It's worth the struggle for the different sound, but It's not for everyone.

Between the two you mention OP I'd go with the LP. between that and the strat you'd be able to get a nice tone for all of those genres you mentioned. The LP can fit into practically everything where as the Casino is slightly more of a niche sound.

I'd also recommend looking into Semi-Hollows, like a Dot or a Sheraton II (maybe a 339 if you find the others too large; it's more LP sized). They are built like a true Hollow Body but have a solid piece of wood going down the center which solves the feedback issues. They have a sound thats kind of like a mix of a hollow body and a Solid Body (more low end, warmer highs) . They've also been used by some of the biggest bands in the genres youve mentioned.

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