I find my action way to high mid and low section. Ive never done this before and was wondering what i should do to fix it

my action heights are as follows

1st fret 1/16th

12th fret 3/16 and that heigh the rest of the ways. Its to high for me
Did you follow the steps in the setup sticky?

This type of information makes me think you haven't given it a proper try before asking. The measurements you have given are not useful - try the method from the setup sticky, or youtube truss rod adjustment videos. There are a lot of ways of fixing your issue yourself, it's very hard for us to diagnose a problem when we have neither the measurements nor the instrument in hand. So, it's easier in this case to just do it yourself, since you've got the thing in hand!

Go read a tutorial or watch a video. It should all make sense very quickly. It's extremely tough to write clear directions about things like warping and rod twisting and relief, it's much easier to show you in a video and then you'll know what to look for. This isn't "insert screw 4-J1 into receptacle 12-Y in the foreward linear energy storage device." It's not legos where you follow a sheet and a house comes out the other end. You have to know how it's done wrong before you learn it right, and if you do not attempt to do anything then you've simply failed to try.

TL;DR: Learn to fix. Then the fix is easy. Trying to fix when you don't understand how to fix is difficult.
Hm looking up diagrams, i cant find my problem in one

Its almost like the bridge needs to be lowered to fix the high action, but im not sure if thats possible. I have an Ibanez Gio