I bought a Fender Stratocaster (MIM) in December 2011 and it's been my main guitar ever since, but what really bothers me is that it can never stay in tune past one song. It is a Fender Classic 50s Stratocaster (Not a Classic Player). When the guitar was purchased it was brand new. Although I used to be a heavy Tremolo user, I rarely ever use the Trem now. I recently had the guitar set up in mid December 2014, however this did not help as the tuning stability became unreliable again after 2-3 weeks. The setup was basic, it included Truss Rod, Pickup Height, Bridge Height, Action, Intonation, Nut Profile, etc. The tuning issues only appeared during 2014 and I thought a setup would be the solution. I use 9 gauge Ernie Ball Slinky strings, and 0.73mm picks. I am not really rough in my technique, however I only play guitar based music (Floyd, Hendrix) so I solo/bend a lot. Lastly, I've never drop tuned my guitar or used tunings other than standard. I play my guitar very often, perhaps 1-2 hours a day. My band are planning to start doing gigs too, so a bad tuning stability will look/sound very unprofessional and also delay the show due to the impracticality of tuning up after ever song. I'm not sure what the problem/solution is but I'm hoping someone could use the information I have posted here to help me fix it.
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How is your bridge set up? on a vintage style trem it should be flush with the body. you can do a few thing to help it stay in tune like three in one oil the bridge saddle where the strings go in, graphite the nut slots and grease the string trees. Are you stretching the strings properly when you put them on?

Strats can be a bit of a git, can you post a sideways picture of how your bridge looks? you dont really want it floating on a vintage style trem, some people who do setups are clueless idiot wood butchering knuckle-draggers and don't even know the basics.
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