One goal most of us guitar players have in mind, is to master the fretboard. Throughout the time we learn several methods and concepts that help us to visualize the fretboard. Recently I was lurking at Truefire website and found a workshop they offer named: Fretboard Freedom Fighter Workshop. The promise is to, of course, enable the player to truly visualize the fretboard independently of any finger, position or box one is at the moment by understanding a few techniques.

Has anyone done this workshop before?

FFF : http://truefire.com/workshops/workshop_details.html?room=Nikky3465
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Nope, never even heard of it.

What I did in the mid 70's was set up a room to practice in total darkness. Did that for a little under 2 years I think, for two reasons.

1. Wanted to really learn the fretboard, mainly so I didn't have to watch it constantly onstage, and could watch the audience some.

2. I started wondering how guys like Jose Feliciano and Roy Orbison, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder could play the way they did without EVER being able to see the keyboard or piano at all.

So I started practicing in total darkness, can't see your hand 6 inches away dark. I learned at least a dozen songs, from scratch, and did quite a bit of just doodling on guitar, until I could play some pretty tough ones, like Peter Frampton's "Penny For Your Thoughts" in Open G with no mistakes. Stairway to Heaven, already knew it, but was horrible first time in the dark. Several others too, that I had never tried before, I started learning new songs in the dark and kept at it till I could do it every time.

You don't need any online courses, just turn off the lights. Get the room totally dark. Keep at it till you make no mistakes.
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