Happy New Year

I have ordered body and neck from Warmout USA , to build my own costum Telecaster .
the plan is that the guitar must be fitted with a Gibson classic 57 pick up in the neck position, and a Fender telecaster Texas special singlecoin in bridges.

The question is will the two pickups " blend " well , means that I can switch between pick ups without that there is a level difference in the sound. (typically HB has a high output)
is there anyone here who has experience with this pick up combination gibson classic 57 and fender texas special telecaster singlecoin . ??

Other advice is welcome

excuse my spelling I am from Denmark EU
Haven't played those two in the same guitar but they should be fine with a bit of height adjustment.
You can do it with the height adjustments, but that will basically mean the 57 will end up with a low output compared to "normal" humbucker setups. Might make a difference in it's sound through the amp since it won't have the same gain.
Look at Seymour Duncan and Dimarzio, better pickups and they are cheaper. You can email them and ask what they suggest

Since it is a semicustom for you, Bare Knuckle Pickups or The Creamery might be worth a look. They will even make you a custom set of pickups.
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I personally wouldn't go SC bridge and humbucker neck because of output issues, and also the big difference in tonal quality. SC-neck and hum-bridge IMO works better because it evens out the tonal differences due to pickup position - as in HSS strats. However, if I was limited to your configuration, I would includ a series/single and/or series/parallel switch on the humbucker to get more SC-like tones. I would also be thinking about a brighter, lower-output humbucker like the GFS Retrotron Memphis, or a TV Jones Gretsch-type pickup, or even a hum-sized P90.