MacBook Pro
Tascam us-144

Recording Video through quicktime and my mac's built in HD Camera.
Recording sound through Garage Band with the us-144 interface and a sterling mic.

When I would go to play back the audio track in garageband, right after i finished recording. It would play correctly for about 30 seconds or so, and then just you'd here like a blip and it would stop.

Did this a couple times, the last time, after 30 seconds it sounds like theres an affect where it just slows everything down and then stops prematurely. (no effect added, just sounded like that)

Basically I'll im doing is hitting record, recording for about 3 minutes, stopping and then coming back to listen to it.

Only issue i can think of is i didn't have my power supply plugged in on my laptop, wonder if some power pref kicked in?

Anyone got any suggestions. Sucks to play something 3 minutes perfectly and then come back not have it recorded right....

Any thoughts are appreciated -

I see two possible issues - your HDD's not fast enough (unlikely) and your audio buffer size's too small.

Try setting a higher buffer size and see how that goes.
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Save your work, plug in the power supply, restart the laptop and retry.
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