I am trying to decide between these four guitars. Right now I play through a Boss - ME50 fx processor with headphones. I plan on getting a peavey vyper soon tho. I like to play almost any style of music but a good metal tone is most important for me. Think between the buried and me.




http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/schecter-guitar-research-omen-extreme-6-fr-electric-guitar?rNtt=shecter omen extreme fr&index=1

I know its what feels right for me but which one would you guys get
I'd say get the Schecter. I'm an RG guy (if I were buying, I would look for an RG with a figured top, I don't care for the DX series), and I've never tried a Schecter, but I've read good things about their quality. It just seems to have the best features out of all your choices.

If you decide not to go that route, definitely skip the Dean. Yuck.
i am partial to the S series. very comfy to play. i dont think it looks like a 16 year old with an identity crisis designed it.

i dont like dean. i find them sub par to everything on your list. they once were a good brand and aparently still have a legit custom shop if you want to drop like 4000 bucks...or perhaps thats dean zelinskys new brands.

i dont like schecter. if dont get their deal. i dont find them to have any competitive advantage vs other guitars on the market like ESP, jackson, ibanez who i suppose are the most main stream competitors.

i really like ibanez in the 400-800 range. they are solid work horses and generally you can go to any guitar center pick one up, and its a player. consistent. i would go for the RG of the S series.
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