I've got a song that I've been playing for years. I never liked the way anyone has sung it. Sing my lyrics or insert your own for me to hear. It's a ballad/rock tune, generally in A. The tempo is 85 BPM. The first time that I played it with the rhythm guitarist in my most recent band he said, 'man that sounds like classic rock!' It's a pretty good tune, about the only one I've ever written.
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I've recorded the song using Reaper and a Focusrite 2i4 but I'm still learning the software and don't yet have a good mix. In addition to that I'm using the drums from an electronic keyboard. It's tricky to get the ending to work as I want. For these reasons, I don't want to put the song on Soundcloud. But, to see me play, look at Strange Mojo on youtube. I'm the guitar player. If you're interested I can send the mp3 file as it currently is. Just ask for a listen, you may be pleasantly surprised. Thanks.
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I'm game too. I'll be waiting for the pm
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I've sent p.m.s to both of you gentlemen including my email. I look forward to your reply