a year or two a customer brought in an LTD Alexi flying V and wanted to get rid of the EMG HZ for the active EMG 81 as he preferred it. So it was a while since I saw the solderless garbage EMG has out inside their guitar electronic cavities so this time around I had a good look at it and saw how easy this was to make/do.

This can be done to any guitar wiring. Passive, active even if you have the most insane wiring diagram ever that would make some of us on here go...damn.

tools I'm using in these photos
most was off of ebay
24AWG wire - 1-2$ vicinity they market it as "guitar wire"
shrink wrap tubing- it can be any color but size matters
wire crimper - 11$ American one give or take
scissors - walmart's fiskar scissors for 10$ I really like
cigarette lighter or a heat gun. I like lighters they provide quick results
fast on connectors - male or female depending on your projects needs. We're using female ones. They are the ones for the jack. The model type is "female spade" this is very important.

I'm using an import input jack with roughly a 4.5mm width so the 4.8mm fast on works great. No slippage and they last. These are great for strat users who constantly "upgrade" their pickups or whatever as there is nothing I hate more than pickguards. They look nice but are a headache for guitar techs.

The process is simple
strip a wire and twist, no need to tin the wire with solder
put a fast on, on it
the first row (closer to the wire) holds the shielding
the second row (closer to the contact) is for the unshielded part
so now squish it with the cirmper - again crimp hard, You want those rows flat like my paper I am shooting on LOL

pull and see if it comes out, if not congratulations. Celebrate by applying some shrink wrap tubing to the end of the connector and trying it out.

anyways here's the photo process. Any questions leave me a comment. Got a request leave a comment here or private message me. So at the end of the day what would you rather....this... or soldering! , regardless you're going to have to learn a bit of electronics to upgrade the guitars otherwise why would you be here.

I only use these for input jacks so it's a skill about as appreciated as shoe cobbling or the ability to play curling. But it does make life easier in ways. I recently got a beginner soldering iron to do a few small DIY projects and it was around 7$ USD so way less than this lesson.

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