Guys I have been keeping the guitar like this since day 1,but I'm getting concerned about the neck.Is it OK if I keep it like this?I need your advice.I'm on school break so I even have the time to make a stand or something by myself,wanna do it the cool way if I'm gonna use it Keeping it this way is easy,no walking around the room with my guitar,no plug-unplug and stuff.I'm a lazy person.
If the URL isn't good tell me where to upload it.
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It'd probably be ok if you put some books or something under the neck to support it (not lift, just support). Personally i use wallhangs for electrics.
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Got it man.Thank you for the fast reply!I'm gonna start building a wallhang or something,I'll think it up good
Wall hangers aren't exactly expensive, but not as cheap as D.I.Y., if you have the skills & tools.

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