Well My local music store is retiring and shutting its doors for good this time. I always got my music supplies there, including my Martin strings and Dean Markley strings, etc. So I was wondering: Where is the best place to buy strings online? The cheapest and most reliable place in America would be nice to know. If anyone could let me know where you get them online I would very much appreciate it Thanks.
I don't know about best, but most convenient probably Musicians Friend. Amazon is also a top notch choice
Amazon sucks for me. All the strings i wanted have that special tag (w.e its called) where you cant order it seperatly


Heck best buy sells strings
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I've also used La Bella.
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stringsandbeyond.com and guitarstringsonline.com are the best and cheapest around. Can specifically recommend Guitar Strings Online on their customer service. I got a pretty big order from them and they sent about 5 sets of 11s instead of the 10.5s I ordered. Let me keen the 11s and sent the 10.5s for no extra cost. Didn't even have to pay shipping (which was a fair bit to Australia). They're also really good to buy singles and custom sets from, I've found.

I did however do and order at String and Beyond recently during their Christmas sale, haven't received it yet, but their prices are great and it was easy as to place the order. They have a decent range, but not quite as good as GSO.
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Thank You so much everyone!!! I am especially a fan of strings and beyond and strings by mail. They have the strings I use in stock and ready to rock, Lol. I will either be ordering from them or through amazon. Thanks again.

- Mercedes.
I buy all my strings on ebay.

Set the search list to price and buy from a seller with heaps of sales and few complaints. Too easy.
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You can snag some good deals on ebay. My #1 choice. You can get elixrs for less than $9 a pack in quantities of 3 of more.
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i can vouch for stringsandbeyond.


best company to buy from IMO.
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Wherever ten packs are on sale. I stocked up on .010s a few years ago, and last month I loaded up on .09s. You have to watch, but bulk packs go on sale all the time because the manufacturer changes the packaging or redesigns the packed in string winder and so on.

Martin Strings tend to get used as a big holiday loss leader at Guitar Center and Sam Ash.
www.stringsandbeyond.com is awesome and they ship incredibly fast. I buy all my pic's from them and a lot of my strings.
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Any of these sites you listed ever do buy one get one free or buy one get one at half price