I've been playing electric guitar for almost 4 years now and since my second year i always had a desire for drums. Our bands drummer teached me a little bit and i played with all he showed me whenever i had the chance. I told my guitar teacher i wanted to start playing drums but he didn't want me to and said i will quit one sooner or later. Nearly every musician i know told me to stick with guitar except few. But i really enjoy it, sometimes more than guitar and apparently im succumbing to it. But before i give up completely i wanted to ask you guys to see if there's a point i'm missing.
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Yeah, play both. I do.
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I told my guitar teacher i wanted to start playing drums but he didn't want me to and said i will quit one sooner or later.

What a shitty teacher. If you stick with guitar, definitely get a new teacher.
Do both, I played piano for several years and then went "I think I'll learn the bass." I play both as well as the other instruments I've acquired and learned.

except the Harmonica, I just cannot get the hang of that.
Even though i don't have any equipment for drums, my school can provide at least one and a half hours of practice every schoolday. That's a great opportunity but i fear i might lose my interest in guitar and concentrate too much on drums.
Do both, if you start to concentrate on one more than the other, that probably means you like it more and so should be doing it anyway
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I don't understand why you'd be afraid of liking one more than the other. Even if you end up giving up one for the other wouldn't that mean you like that instrument more? Why would you purposefully deprive yourself of an experience you would love just so you could continue practicing an instrument you don't enjoy as much?

Honestly though you're most likely going to enjoy both instruments.
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Why can't you play both exactly?
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I started with Bass, moved onto Drums after a year or so, then started playing Guitar about 2 years ago. I still play all 3 on a regular basis, so I really just think it's comes down to availability. So if all you got at home is a guitar, you should still play that every day, but if you can get down to a drum set, do that whenever possible as well. I try to give every spare minute I have to my instruments as I want to be a "professional" one day, or something of the like.
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Make sure you do plenty of beard-stroking while you ponder this. If you don't have a beard, then I'm sorry but you cannot ponder.

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Can he stroke someone else's beard?

Doesn't have to be beard, really.

There's no issue with picking up another instrument. You don't automatically lose all your guitar skills. Sure, you may not practice the guitar as much anymore, but you learn a whole other skill. I picked up the piano about 3-4 years after picking up the guitar. I'm still more a guitar person, but I go back to the piano every now and then just because I feel like it, and also because I can.

I'd say go for it if you have the space and money for a drum set. I don't, but I know I wish I do.
Sorry, drums aren't an instrument. So if you quit guitar to play drums you are basically just quitting guitar.
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If you're going to play drums, don't **** about. The world is full of people who own drum kits, and can just about manage Back In Black.

Decent drummers are, however, much more difficult to find than decent guitarists/bass players/singers/whateverists.
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Like many have said before, try your best to do both but if you like playing drums better then put the majority of your time into that. It's a major advantage to be a polyvalent musician since you are confronted with different points of view on your instrument. The same goes for writing music: the more instruments you understand and can play, the more options you have for making compositions.
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