I bought an EMG H4 and I'd like to use it to replace my stock humbucker in my telecaster, that also has two single coils (also stock). The only problem is the EMG is solderless. Does anyone know how I would install this pickup with the other two?
Just cut the old pickups' wire near the solderless clip and splice the new pickup wires in.
since it has to be solderless I honestly suggest the seymour duncan liberator instead as splicing is a skill to solder two wires together.

If you have a family member who can solder buy a screw in terminal with a minimum of 6-8 slots. Pretty much you screw down and clamp wires to this thing and it solderlessly connects pickups. I highly recommend watching some tutorials I let guys try my iron and see how easy soldering is and a lot of guys feel empowered to try it themselves on other guitars after I sit down and show them.

pretty much you're just heating up old sodler on a guitar and pulling the pickup wires out and then soldering them flat to a surface. Pull and ensure that the wires are solid connections. Before putting the strings back on though do a tap test. As in tap the tops of the pickups with a screwdriver or something metallic with your regular distorted amp settings. If any wire comes loose be observant where it was.

my biggest tips
use lead solder
tin every wire and you'll do great
How would I wire it? It has a red wire, a white wire, a black wire, a green wire and a bare wire. I'm putting it on a telecaster with two other pickups, both single coils a volume pot, a tone pot, a 5 way switch and a coil split switch (two way). Any help would be appreciated.
I can solder evrything alright, and I have installed pickups before, I'm just not sure if EMG colors their wires differently, it would be simple if I new what each colors were. I appreciate your responces.